OCE pre-conference Education Workshop

It is with great pleasure that the OCE Education Committee cordially invites you to participate in the Third OCE pre-conference Education Workshop at the 40th ESA meeting. This is scheduled for the morning of June 5th 2019 and will provide a unique opportunity to discuss and share good practice. We invite all those attending the ESA Congress who are currently involved or interested in the education of orthoptic students, residents, medical students or other ophthalmic personnel to attend.

For the third OCE pre-conference education forum authors are invited to submit an abstract related to best practice in education and how reflective practitioners can be developed during professional education programmes.

Abstracts should follow the ESA abstract guidelines, but should be submitted as e-mail attachments to OCE.educationcommittee@hu.nl

Deadline for submissions is 28 February 2019


Pre-conference Strabismus Workshop

What you always wanted to ask about strabismus

A half-day introductory and interactive workshop on strabismus

Interactive Strabismus Workshop

This interactive pre-conference workshop is aimed at those relatively new to strabismology, who have some experience, and are starting to attend ESA meetings.

The participants will submit questions which we will answer with short presentations, clinical cases and discussion with all participants.

The intention of the workshop is to introduce the participants to:

• a systematic approach to strabismus
• terminology across Europe
• approaches to assessment and management of strabismus across Europe
• case discussions
• …and plenty of time to answer questions and have discussion.

After registering, participants are asked to submit 3 to 5 specific questions or cases by email to: oliver.ehrt@med.uni-muenchen.de


Prof. Oliver Ehrt (MD)


Muenchen, Germany

Prof. Fiona Rowe (Orthoptist)

University of Liverpool,

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Dr. Dominique Thouvenin (MD)

University Hospital Purpan & Clinique Saint Nicolas,

Toulouse, France


OCE pre-conference Education Workshop  50,00€

Pre-conference Strabismus Workshop 50,00€