Oral Presentations

Oral presentations are for 8 minutes, with an additional 2 minutes for questions and discussion (except for the Nystagmus session). Please format slides in widescreen 16:9 using PowerPoint on screen page set-up function. Slides formatted at 4:3 can be shown, but there will be some blank screen to the sides of the slide.

Please make slides easily readable with large text and do not cram too much information onto each slide. Kindly note that the Finlandia-hall’s data projectors resolution is 1920×1080.

Please, have your presentation ready and bring it preferably with a memory stick in Power Point format. You can upload slides in the Lecture hall during the breaks. We also have one computer at the registration desk, where you can check your material before presentation in order to minimize technical problems.

Please, check carefully that all videos run correctly well before your talk and ensure that you have uploaded all the necessary files. Please inform venue technician when there’s sound or video included on the presentation.

When using Apple-device including Pads, kindly bring a suitable HDMI-adapter.

Any potential conflicts of interest should be declared on a slide immediately after the title slide.