Chairs and moderators play an important role in the success of the sessions.


  1. Please arrive in the hall 10 minutes before your session and check your speakers are present. We will ask speakers to come to the front and introduce themselves before the session.
  1. We suggest that Chairs and Moderators agree how they want to work together to run the session. Each speaker and title should be introduced and the speaker thanked at the end of questions, but who does which part is up to you.
  1. Please do your best to keep the session to time. There will be     timers for both speakers and chairs/moderators. If the speaker runs over their 8 minutes reduce the time for questions. You may need to be polite, but firm and ultimately walk over to the speaker if they are overrunning badly and not stopping.
  1. Questions and discussion at ESA meetings are usually pretty good. However, it is helpful to have a look at the abstracts in the Programme Book before the session and have some back up questions in reserve. Please try not to let any questioner go on too long to give as many people as possible a chance to participate.
  1. In case of absent speakers you can be a bit more relaxed about time and let discussion go on a bit longer.